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Save Time & Get Paid For What You Do 

Streamline negotiations & generate a reconciliation (supplement summary) report in seconds with Kri-Tech Solutions' Estimate Audit Tool.

Want to learn more about Estimating Negotiations, estimating cheat codes and best practices? Watch live demos of eAUDIT and AERK software solutions that will help make negotiations a breeze. Click on the video below to watch.


Do you still find it necessary to re-key estimates?

Did you know that re-keying estimates is costing body shops around the country on average over $20,000 each year?

We know that re-keying estimates is not what you want to do and may not be the most efficient way to process a claims repair, but some are still finding it a necessary evil. So instead of spending hours or even days re-keying estimates, let Kri-Tech Solutions help you turn that time into just minutes with only a few clicks.​ With our automated digital solution, our customers will never have to spend valuable time duplicating information manually allowing for a faster, more efficient vehicle repair process.

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